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Permanent Makeup
offered at BASE Spa & Wellness

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattooing as a means of producing a look similar to makeup. Cosmetic permanent makeup procedures include eyeliner and lip color. Eyeliner and lip color is used to embellish one’s natural look, as well as simplify getting ready time as opposed to applying makeup every day. It’s also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of age, disease, chemotherapy, or genetic disturbance. Permanent cosmetics can also be used to restore or enhance the breast’s areola after a single or double mastectomy procedure.

At BASE, we welcome consultations free of charge to explore your options in permanent cosmetics.

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Did you book a consultation? That is the first step for any permanent makeup application to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the desired service. While it is not require that you book a consultation, it is certainly strongly encouraged. It can be done as any variation of permanent makeup brows. This service can require 2 deposits of pigment implantation, therefore you may be tattooed twice before the service is considered complete. 8-12 weeks is recommended between sessions.

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Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful brunette woman in beauty salon. Closeup beautician in gloves doing microblading for eyebrow.

brow microblading

Brow Microblading

Natural Brow Hair Look

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing to enhance the natural look of eyebrow hair. The application of this service is a manual method with a “micro” blade. It may be best to book a consultation service with us prior to make sure you are a good candidate at this time.

Microblading requires 3 appointments, each spaced 8 weeks apart. Each appointment is necessary. There will be 2 tattoo sessions and a follow up. At the first tattoo session your brow expert will draw on a shape that suits your facial features. Once you have both agreed on the shape, there will be a color match applied near the brow to get a good idea of what the color will be when finalized. Once everything has been agreed upon, the microblade will be used to create small openings in the brow to allow a topical anesthetic to penetrate the skin. Does it hurt? For about 60 total seconds, yes. Following this brief pain, the brows should be numb for the duration of the procedure. Following the session, the brows will feel a little tender, some describe as sunburn-like. This will last for about 24 hours. The numbing process is repeated at the second appointment.

The second tattoo session is intended to perfect the shape and deepen the color implantation, as one session typically doesn’t have good retention. The second session is also a time where you may add a few hair-strokes, correct any shape inconsistencies, and go a tad darker if desired. Without the second service your microblading is not complete. It is imperative that you wait no longer than 15 weeks so the tattoo doesn’t fade so much that you require a 3rd tattoo session appointment. An additional fee may be added if your brows need complete reshaping (the drawing process and approval of shape) due to total fading and loss of visibility of the first pass.

The 3rd appointment is to check healing and results to make sure we are both satisfied. We are the only salon that offers this thorough of a service. If you are a new client to us, and received your first microblading appointment elsewhere, please let us know.

Microblading is permanent. There have been reports of people saying it is semi-permanent. It is only semi-permanent in that it needs maintenance to maintain sharp, crisp, bold color and shape. It is permanent in the fact that it will never completely fade away on its own. Maintenance is recommended every 8-18 months depending on the desired look and your preference.

Are you a good candidate? Dry skin is the preferred client for this service. Oily skin does not maintain crisp clean lines like hair strokes should appear. One of the shaded options is best suited for oily t-zones. There are other factors in candidacy, so please don’t hesitate to come see us.

Please review the aftercare before booking, it is crucial in proper healing and optimal results.

If you are simply unsure which service to book, please book a permanent makeup consultation with us.

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Permanent make up treatment

powder brows/ shading

Powder Brows/Shading

Full Color Brows: This service is permanent cosmetics resulting in a powdered makeup look. It lasts a bit longer than microblading and is more suitable for oily skin or oily T-zones. This service is slightly different than microblading, as well. Rather than using a manual tool with a microblade, the ink is implanted with a tattoo machine similar to body art, and a fine tipped smaller configuration needle for surface work is used. This allows the tattoo to be more true to color with a softer healed appearance. What does that mean? Well, it means that the color swatch applied during the shaping and color pick portion of the appointment is extremely similar to what the healed result will be in a few weeks time.

The healing is also different and a bit easier to manage than microblading. Refer to our preparing for your appointment page for more information.

This service typically only requires one session. However, some skin types require 2 sessions. If a second session is needed, we require the second session between 8-12 weeks from the first session. Waiting longer than 12 weeks will add an additional fee due to fading.

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Eyebrow makeup treatment

brow ombré

Brow Ombré

Microblading meets powder brows. This technique offers the best of both worlds. Fine hair strokes toward the center of the face and sharp defined full color tales.

BASE Spa & Wellness
beautician- makeup artist applies paint henna on previously plucked, design, trimmed eyebrows in a beauty salon in the session correction. Professional care for face.

hybrid brows

Hybrid Brows

Combination of Microbladed Hairstrokes and Shading

This is the follow up appointment to your original microblading service. This appointment is necessary to perfect the shape and deepen the color implantation. Without the second service your microblading is not complete. You must wait 8 weeks between appointments. It is imperative that you wait no longer than 15 weeks so the tattoo doesn’t fade so much that you require a 3rd appointment. If you are a new client to BASE and received your first microblading appointment elsewhere, please let us know. It may be best to book a consultation service with us prior to make sure you are a good candidate at this time.

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Beautiful young woman receiving permanent make up

permanent lip color

Permanent Lip Color

This service is fully customizable. From color to coverage, there are several options. Lip liner which enhances the vermilion border of the lips with a color of your choice. Lip blush which takes the lip liner definition and pulls in towards the opening of the lips/mouth with a soft gradient fading into your natural lip color, or full lip color which enhances the fresh tone to your desired color with full coverage.

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Breast tattoo

3D reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

Areola & Nipple

After a mastectomy, this would be an option for someone who no longer has a nipple or areola. This reconstructive process can be completed on both natural post-mastectomy, or augmented breasts. This pricing is for unilateral reconstruction. 2 consecutive appointments are required for bilateral reconstruction (please call or email to book double reconstruction).

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