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Conveniently located to serve Chesterton, Valparaiso and Crown Point.

Ashlei, Receptionist and Certified Laser Technician of BASE Wellness and Spa in Chesterton

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I have been a loyal customer since the early years, when the business started out as Tan and Lash. As a customer, BASE has played a huge role in educating me on the importance of aesthetics and has helped me improve my self confidence on many levels. I love that Base offers many different services ranging from relaxation and pampering to medical and preventive. I feel that every single person can benefit from the multitude of services offered at Base.

Although this is my first job in a spa setting, I have many years of customer service experience. I love helping people and making them feel valued. I always strive to see both sides of the coin before making a decision and taking action. One of my strong skills is my ability to communicate effectively and connect on a very genuine level with the people I interact with.

Outside of receiving services at BASE and assisting our lovely clients, I enjoy being active, being outdoors, cooking/baking, hiking, traveling and animals!